YouthZone | Who do you trust?

17 May 2020

Hello Gen Z

It is day 103147356 in lockdown ….well that’s how it feels 😊 We are missing you guys and really hope you are well and keeping safe. At this time, we are putting  a lot of our trust in our NHS and our government to make correct decisions to keep us safe. This can sometimes be difficult, especially if we feel out of the loop, or disagree with what is being shown on the news. In the following we are going to look at trust and where we should put our trust.

From Nehemie and the GenZ Team

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Ask yourself:

  • What would you do if you found £100 in an envelope on the street?
  • Do you think your response demonstrates that you are a trustworthy person, or not?
  • What would you expect/want other people to do?

Main Scripture: John 14: 1-8

Watch the following video up until 2.28 :

  • Sadly today when people say to us ‘trust me’, we very often don’t believe that we can trust them.
  • How do you think the disciples felt as Jesus told them not to be anxious, but to trust Him?
  • Do they think that the disciples became calmer and more at peace? Do they think that the disciples could trust Jesus?
  • Why/why not?

Although at the disciples may have been worried because we know that Jesus did rise after death we can trust in his word.

These verses are full of hope – if we trust in Jesus i.e. have faith in Him, believe in Him and His death and resurrection, give our lives to Him then we can know that He really is in heaven, that there is room for us and that He has already prepared a place there for us. That is the ultimate trust.


In your quite time this week you may want to pray for those who you find it difficult to trust and those who put their trust in us. Ultimately, we know we can put our trust in Jesus and he can help us as people have a better relationship with  those around us. You can fill in the gaps to personalise the prayer.

  • We remember before God those people in society we find it difficult to trust. Especially we pray for…
  • We think of those who put their trust in us. Help us to do our best to meet with their approval. Especially we pray for…
  • We pray for people who society has let down. Especially we remember…
  • We pray for those in positions of leadership in our society. Especially we pray for…



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