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26 April 2020

Hello everybody,

I hope you’ve been well and are getting used to home learning again after the Easter break. April is flying by and I can’t believe today is the last Sunday of the month!

This week we are looking at the question of ‘What have I been created to be and do?’  You may already know the answer or possibly haven’t given it much thought. Wherever you are at, keep this question in the back of your mind.

Love Noel and the Youth Team

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This is me:

Some of you may have watched Britain’s Got Talent two weeks ago and seen a beautiful performance from ‘Sing Along With Us’ Choir.
If not you may be familiar with the song ‘This is me’ from the Greatest Showman.

Have a listen or watch the video:

Ask yourself:

  • What the song was about?
  • How sure was the writer of the song about his/her identity – or were they communicating a message for others? What would this message be?
  • If you had your name, date of birth and fingerprint on a card as big as an oyster card, it would say exactly who you are in one way but gives nothing away as to your purpose, personality or why you think you were created….

Main Bible Verse: Matthew 9:36-38

Have ever sat back and watched people in a crowded shopping mall, or even at school. Have they ever wondered why everyone rushes around? Have they ever wondered about their lives, what they are thinking and doing?  Have they ever wondered what the point of it all is?

Jesus had a similar experience too. Read the verses above, you may want to read this in the Message version but any Bible translation will do.

  • How did Jesus feel looking at all the people?

Jesus knew that without Him their lives were empty and lacking purpose. However this is not what God intended, by sending Jesus, He says to each individual that they are loved, loved so much they are worth dying for.

Have a look at one or two sets of verses to explore what you were created for. Can you find the main word beginning with L?

Throughout these verses you may have come across these themes about why we were created.

  • Life – we were created to lead a full and satisfying life, not just for now but for eternity.
  • Love – we are created to know the love of God, to love God and to love others
  • Living sacrifice – we are created to give ourselves totally to God, worshipping Him not just with songs but with our actions and the way we live our lives.


Dear God,

Thank you God that although I may be confused about what I want to do when I am older, you still have purpose for me, to know your love, to give my life to follow you in order to have a life where I am fully satisfied.

You call me to be your friend, to show your goodness to others.

Help me to understand no matter, what I do in life, I still have a purpose in you.

In Jesus name,


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