19 April 2020

Hello everybody,

Sometimes we read certain texts in the Bible and can find them very confusing. On the first read of Luke 16:1-13 we might ask ourselves, does Jesus commend dishonesty? 

Hopefully by the end, you will be able to understand and explain what the words in the parable of the dishonest manager mean. 

Watch the video below either on your own or with your parents which summarises the parable. 

Love Nehemie and the Youth team

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After watching the video, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How was the manager or steward irresponsible or dishonest towards his master?
  2. What did he do to collect the money that was due to the master?
  3. Does Jesus say what the manager was ‘right’ or ‘good’?

Main Bible Verse: Luke 16: 1-13


The video summarises the parable that Jesus tells the Jews. A manager is fired, but before he leaves, he negotiates with the debtors of the owner to sign new contracts so that they owe the owner less than they really do. They think that’s cool, and the manager hopes that these debtors will feel like they owe him, so that when he’s jobless, they’ll help him out.

We don’t know how the story really ends. We just know that when the master found out how clever this guy was, he said something like, “Well, that’s clever.

Have a look at Luke 16:8 – What is Jesus saying about how unbelievers (people of the world) may handle their own people than the people of light (believers)?

Have a look at Luke 16:9 –   I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of unrighteous wealth, so that when it fails, they may receive you into eternal dwellings”

When Jesus talks about unrighteous wealth, he means that money is a part of the unrighteous world we live in. However, Jesus wants believers to use their money to invest in a place which will last forever.

How can Christians use what they have, to invest in a place where they can live with God forever? (if you are stuck have a look at Luke 12:33.

The point is – don’t worry about being a shrewd investor in this age, where you can provide a future that will only fail. Instead, be a really shrewd investor by investing in people’s lives. Use your resources to do as much good as you can for the glory of God and the eternal good of others — others who will go before you and welcome you home.


Dear God,

Thank you for all the beautiful things you have created in this world for me to enjoy. I know that all these things were created by you and given to us to take care of.

I may not have much but help me to use what I have whether it be physical possessions or my actions to help my friends here on Earth.

In Jesus’ name,


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