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We started in March 2020

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24 May 2020

Worship with Andy and Ally, talk from Rory MacLeod with Deirdre, and prayers by John.

17 May 2020

Worship with Assynia and Andrew. With a talk from Robert Agamlong, and prayers by Sampson.

10 May 2020

Patricia and Boldiszar lead us in worship this week. With a talk from Bob Maybin, followed by prayers by Simon.

3 May 2020

Worship with Esther, Prayers with Marcelle. Talk by Robert Agamlong.

26 April 2020

Talk by Yemisi whole also led worship with Adeshola. Prayers are by Ros.

19 April 2020

Easter Sunday Friday Poem by Assynia, worship with Ally and Andy, talk is by Patience Okuonghae

12 April 2020

Good Friday With a poem by Assynia.

10 April 2020

Worship led by Assynia and Andrew, talk by Temi Adeshina

5 April 2020

Worship led by Boldizsar and Patricia, talk by Simon Ramsbotham

29 March 2020

Rev Phil Barnard

22 March 2020
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